Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hi, I arrived in a space shuttle

Hi, are you a bit tired of me yet? Well I will start blogging again so please bear with me! It's a bit taboo in the Western Lolita Community but I am a Cosplayer and a bit of an Anime Nerd! Let me have a fresh start to introduce myself again. I'm a 20-something girl from San Francisco who really likes Japanese Fashion and Pop Culture. I especially like Gothic Lolita and Harajuku Fashion, currently I am a shop at Angelic Pretty/Harajuku Hearts which is located in downtown SF so please come by to say 'Hi'.

In reality, I don't look like my photos nor do I really wear makeup (I'm just super good at taking pics), I'm a bit of a messy slob, sweats and hoodies are my best friends, and all I ever really talk about is Anime and make lame jokes. I don't chase anything but drinks and dreams ;) This blog is mainly for things revolving Lolita Fashion and Angelic Pretty news because it's my favorite brand, wahooo!!

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